What to Expect at a Swingers Party

  • Show Up On-Time to Orientation: Orientation introduces basic party etiquette and club rules. Swingers parties are BYOB; a bartender is on duty, and basic mixers and sodas are available. Members must be 18+ to attend a swingers party.
  • Fun and Games: Swingers parties feature games such as Cards Against Humanity and “Naughty” Jenga, music for dancing, and plenty of comfy furniture for socializing. Semi-private areas  (play rooms) are available for more intimate play.
  • Consent: Participation in activities at Society events is always consensual, never required nor expected. Many members come to dungeon parties to socialize and watch, not necessarily to play.
  • Open Door Policy: While semi-private rooms provide more privacy than the social areas, doors are never to be locked. We ask this for your safety and ours.
  • Bring a Towel: If you’re going to be nude or playing outside of a bed room, we ask that you put a towel down first.

General Etiquette

  • Always be Courteous: Members will be performing activities that may be uncomfortable to watch or be around. The Society’s outlook on this is: “Your kink isn’t my kink, but your kink is ok.” Express any concerns about an activity to a Staff Angel (SA). If an activity is particularly offensive, feel free to enter the social area until the activity has ended.
  • Ask for Pronouns: Members may not identify with the pronouns you assume they use. Always ask for others’ pronouns when first meeting them, and always offer your pronouns when introducing yourself.
  • Don’t Touch: Always ask before hugging someone, even if you know them. Ask before touching or picking up someone’s toy or property (which may include other people).
  • Respect: Respect everyone’s identities and lifestyles.
  • Maintain Discretion: Members may be secretive about their participation at Society events for various reasons. Never try to pry information from another member, and do not mention another member’s presence or activities outside of the club, even to other members. If a member is encountered outside of the club, ignore them and keep walking unless an understanding exists between both parties.
  • Watch from a Distance: Some members get distracted when someone is standing too closely to them, while others just have a wicked backswing. Always watch from a distance and never get into someone else’s personal space.
  • Talk Elsewhere: Hold all conversations in the social area. Talking in the play rooms should be limited to museum-quiet comments, not questions or sustained conversation.
  • No Phones: Phones are not allowed to be used in the venue or during Orientations.
  • No Photos: Photos are not allowed in the venue unless approved and observed by the Manager On Duty.
  • Apologize for Mistakes: A simple apology goes a long way towards earning respect.
  • Comply with SA Requests: The SAs are there for the safety of everyone in the venue, players and bystanders alike.
  • Know the Rules: The Society’s rules are there for everyone’s safety both in and outside the playspace.
  • Follow Gut Instinct: If something or someone doesn’t feel right, walk away. You don’t have to play with someone or participate in an activity that you don’t want to. If a proposition feels especially alarming, talk to a SA or the Manager On Duty.
  • Clean Equipment: Properly clean equipment using Envirocide when finished using it for the safety and enjoyment of the next user.